JBIMA Editorial: Volume 3 – 2019 (December)

Contemporary Topics in Islamic Medical Ethics

Bioethics of end of life medical care

Bridging the gap – views of a Muslim physician working in Intensive Care

The significant influence and contributions of Al-Razi (Rhazes) to the establishment of Pharmacy during the middle ages

A Survey – Do Trusts have Guidelines on Headscarves in Theatre in their Uniform Policies?

An audit of whether hospital trusts are providing an alternative to ‘Bare Below Elbows’ for Muslim female healthcare professionals

Caring for Muslim Patients – Book Review

‘Bare Below Elbows’ policy: a barrier to female career progression?

Experiences of female Muslim healthcare professionals wearing headscarves in theatres

A beginner’s guide to the concept of Islamic Psychology

The Role of Muslim Chaplains in Health Care

Raising awareness about Organ Donation in the Muslim Community – a pilot project

The Delivery of Cancer Screening Campaigns within Faith Institutions

The Healthy Ramadan Campaign 2019

The Impact of Ramadan Fasting on Health

Using ACE FY1 Induction Course as an intervention to increase confidence in newly graduated doctors before starting Foundation Year 1

Health Care and Ongoing Conflict